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We are a non-profit organization which promotes the right every child has to live with a family.

To achieve our goal, at Fundación Emmanuel we carry out different programs destined to give a family surrounding to those children and adolescents who, for diverse circumstances, don’t have the possibility of living with their own. These programs are also intended to help those families who have difficulty in raising their children.

We strongly believe that, when people are brought together towards a good purpose, every dream can come true… ours is to make family life a reality for all children, not just a privilege for some.


About Us

We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1985 with the aim of helping those children who didn’t have the chance to live and grow as a family. Reality showed that many of them were living in institutions because their parents could not raise them. One of the most basic children’s rights, such as family life, was not being fulfilled. This is why we set up a solidarity action model that had never been practiced before in Argentina.

With time, we understood that the biological families of those children also needed our help. In order to join them while raising their children, we created the Family Strengthening Program and the Supporting Families in Difficulty Program.

In this website you will get to know all those people working to achieve our dream, and the one of many children and families as well.


Mision | Vision

Vision: That all the children can exercise the right to live in Family.

Mision: To promote a change of attitude towards the child and his/her family in difficulty, generating a supportive and complementary net between families.


Our Programs

Family Strengthening

The aim of this program is to strengthen the family role by providing orientation and training on issues related to the raising of children, and the appreaciation of all the family members.

Work Perspective

We believe that a child privated from a family is an amputated child: a child who is missing a part of his constitutive essence. Thus, the exercise of his Rights is being developed under an amputated and stunted modality.

Each member of a family, and particulary the child , are a part of an ecosystem or human ecology, under which they develop as a growing person.

It is well known that the several relationships involved in a family determine any other kind of human association: from the personal relationship to the citizenship itself. It is also recognized that the family is the most privileged place for the exchange between generations, enabling cultural transference by which the family is irreplaceable for the children ‘s formation.

Therefore, Fundación Emmanuel works from the paradigm of Promoting as a generating frame for the conditions that encourage the family leadership.


Support for the Family in Difficulty

The difficulties affect the family dynamics and make it vulnerable, difficulting the full exercise of their Rights.
In order to deal with the difficulties, the Foundation encorages each family to re-discover their potencial and resources so that each of them can become the role players on their transformation.

Work Perspective

We believe that when the importance of the presence of the family in the resolution of difficulties is not taken into consideration or it is being minimized, it is because of the belief of dealing with an “unfit” family and that the responsable adults are not capable of assuming their role as parents.

The verticalists interventions make the families more dependent, demanding and vulnerable, making the crisis to be installed in repetitive behaviors that are transfered from generation to generation, without producing sustainable changes. However, in fact, what it really is, is a family in crisis, a family that, in many cases, does not have the possibily to exercise its Rights.

We focus on the possibilities and not on the absences, allowing to potenciate and resignificate the family and social resources.


Foster Care

Foster Care is a caring response from one to another member of the community, from one family to another family in difficulty, from an attitude of complement and not replacement. Foster Care means:

To facilitate a family space, for as long as needed, for children and adolescents who, for several reasons, cannot live with their own families, respecting their story and identity.

Is a right that is different from other alternatives. IS NOT: pre-adoptive care, family placement, foster family, Guarda, transit Family. It is NOT and it does not identify with: “other family”, “a replacement” or a simple “legal instrument”.

Work Perspective

We believe that the child’s family should always be present; because it is part of their identity. Therefore, it becomes necessary to open a family environment for those children and adolescents who can not live with theirs, while respecting their history, origins and identity.

In this sense, we understand that our task must be articulated through actions with the three pillars of the process of Foster Care:

With parents

  • It is analyzed the family possibilities as regards supporting their child.
  • The child’s family is prepared and supported for their child’s fostering by another family.
  • It is favoured that the space of the child in his/her family is not closed and that parents keep their place in the child’s life.
  • It is promoted re-attachment and the return of the child to his/her home.

With the child

  • It is analyzed the real needs of the child as regards Foster Care. He/she is supported in the building of a space in the foster family.
  • It is watched the respect for his/her attachment, story and rights.
  • It is watched his/her well-being and integral development.
  • The child is supported in his/her relationship with his/her parents.

With the foster family

  • When a family approaches Fundación Emmanuel, it is informed on the conditions for Foster Care.
  • The Professional Team makes an assessment allowing to precise whether the family, from its identity, is in condition to provide a space that can give an answer to the child’s needs.
  • The Professional Team particularly watches the situation of the child in his/her foster family, throughout the Foster Care process.


Training and Consulting

The approach of each process of Foster Care can not be improvised. Knowing this, the number of governmental and non-governmental institutions who, having found in Foster Care a viable space for the exercise of the rights of children and families, seek for training and advice based on our conceptual framework and experience is growing every day.



We conform networks and alliances with Social Organizations, Institutions and State Agencies with the goal of augmenting the action, optimize resources, and devise common strategies to influence the Policies on Children.

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